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What is Anger anyway? Do you practice “anger control?”

26 Jun

What is Anger? And why am I talking about it? We think that we can achieve “anger contol.” But, Anger is merely a natural response to feeling put out. Anger control is likely more damaging to our biological systems than we let on. Among the things we might do when we are attempting to control […]

What is Anger Management? It’s Not About Getting Angry!

25 Jun

Anger management is bullpucky… If you insist on being taken seriously, once in awhile you may need to do it in a really loud voice. When we (women) refuse to accept conflict as normal, we miss out on a most effective tool for communication, self-awareness, and getting our needs met. “…our anger [is] a guide […]

The Dance of Action

20 Jun

For women, overfunctioning, at its core, is a matter of self-esteem. By not recognizing how our apparently “natural” responses to three things, we drift into over-doing at the expense of ourselves. Those three things are:  1) that our sense of importance is established in DOING (things for others);  2) that we are reluctant to make […]