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Why Is It So Hard To Say NO?

21 Jul

Does this sound like YES?

How many times in a day do you WANT to say NO, but you find yourself saying YES instead? “Oh, sure, I’ll do that.” “Okayeee.” “Hmmmhmmm. Sure, I’ll do it.” If you are an OFW (overfunctioning woman), you may likely just do (whatever you just said no to) anyway. And you may not feel good […]

“Anger Control” for Women in the Workplace

9 Jul

Can you get angry at work?

Anger Control is the polar opposite of “I’ve H.A.D. it!” (Healthy Anger Delivery) skills. But, in some situations, Anger Control is a preemptive “boundary-setting” skill that can keep things on an even keel while problems are being worked through. With the trend in cut-backs and outsourcing, American workers don’t feel safe expressing themselves, let alone […]

How to Get Loud to Get What You Want

4 Jul

Sometimes you may need to get mad to get what you want or to shake things up in order to create a shift for positive change. We’ve been dealing with the question of ANGER…letting yourself be angry as an honest response to being put out in some way significant to you. Anger is indispensable for […]

Forget “Anger Management!”! When You’re Upset, Get Loud!

2 Jul

I’ve H.A.D. It!!! Anger isn’t nice. It feels icky to dish it out and to receive it. But anger is an honest response to feeling put out in some significant way. And yet, women are trained to “express” anger in covert ways. Books and magazines tout the idea of “Anger Management.” Because there is this […]