Are You A Risk Taker?

26 Nov

Are you a risk-taker? If so, what kind of risk-taker are you?

The dictionary defines “dare” as “exhibiting adventurous courage,” “risk” as “acting while accepting the chance or possibility of danger, loss, injury, etc.; to venture on.”

We all know that risk-taking is not confined to physical activities. It can also involve consciously pursuing what matters most while facing up to the challenges that this may bring.

It’s just as valid when we’re confronted with threats to our time, priorities, and dreams or with subtle pressures such as lack of support from our general environment or flat-out self-sabotage.

Do you see yourself as courageous or bold?

You don’t have to be a dare-devil like Lillian Boyer in the image to the right to see yourself as bold?

Taking risks to make changes in your life and staying on track with them is, well…risky enough. Isn’t it?

Whether you feel comfortable taking risks or not, it is useful to examine how to assess which ones are worth taking.

You already know that you need to turn down the volume of the incessant external voices telling you what to do. And you need to examine whether the programmed internal voices from childhood are relevant to who you are today.

For example, just because you had to get straight A’s in high school, doesn’t mean you have to be the best PTA mom at your child’s school today.

When you are listening to what matters most to you to be doing IN PRESENT TIME and are able to quiet those voices telling you what you *should* do or who you *should* be, you can trust that the voice within is giving you reliable directives and that you will take actions that support your most cherished goals in the now.

And, yet, taking risks will almost always bring anxiety. Sigh!

Ask yourself: Which anxiety is worse: Doing nothing and changing nothing, or doing something and changing something?

WHAT RISK ARE YOU TAKING TODAY? I’d love to hear about it.


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