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A Unicorn in Your Room

11 Dec

Is there a unicorn in your room? What I mean is… What puts you in your bliss? It’s so easy to be pulled and distracted by all the things there are to do, the smorgasbord of delicious options, and, as a result, lose focus on what really turns you on. You get overwhelmed. But, think […]

Are You A Risk Taker?

26 Nov

Are you a risk-taker? If so, what kind of risk-taker are you? The dictionary defines “dare” as “exhibiting adventurous courage,” “risk” as “acting while accepting the chance or possibility of danger, loss, injury, etc.; to venture on.” We all know that risk-taking is not confined to physical activities. It can also involve consciously pursuing what […]


29 Jun

The Overfunctioning Woman and High-Functioning Woman are fundamentally different. The High-Functioning Woman is indeed also busy and productive, but she picks and chooses what she will and will not do. An Overfunctioning Woman, by contrast, must do it all. This is how she proves to herself both her competence and her basic self worth. And, […]

What Drives YOU?

19 Jun

In the families in which we grew up, we learned lessons to act, speak, and feel in certain ways established by Mom and Dad (or other powerful people) and in relation to the other people in the grouping. These messages were communicated visually, audibly, or behaviorally. Comments, gestures, and facial expressions and judgments, punishments, and […]

All Things In Time

24 Feb

This morning on Facebook, a friend posted an article by Rosa Brooks, National Security and Foreign Policy Expert, and Law Professor at Georgetown University. Mrs. Brooks is also the mother of two. Her article, published in Foreign Policy magazine, was entitled RECLINE: Why Leaning In is Killing Us Sheryl Sandberg. It was pretty much about […]

What is Anger anyway? Do you practice “anger control?”

26 Jun

What is Anger? And why am I talking about it? We think that we can achieve “anger contol.” But, Anger is merely a natural response to feeling put out. Anger control is likely more damaging to our biological systems than we let on. Among the things we might do when we are attempting to control […]