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The Auto-pilot Trances

4 Jan

The Auto-pilot Trance is something that affects all of us. A lot of people get offended or upset by the idea of living their lives at the effect of trances. But, you do it. I do it. We all do it. For example, if you are a cat person and you see a cute kitten, […]

A Unicorn in Your Room

11 Dec

Is there a unicorn in your room? What I mean is… What puts you in your bliss? It’s so easy to be pulled and distracted by all the things there are to do, the smorgasbord of delicious options, and, as a result, lose focus on what really turns you on. You get overwhelmed. But, think […]

Are You A Risk Taker?

26 Nov

Are you a risk-taker? If so, what kind of risk-taker are you? The dictionary defines “dare” as “exhibiting adventurous courage,” “risk” as “acting while accepting the chance or possibility of danger, loss, injury, etc.; to venture on.” We all know that risk-taking is not confined to physical activities. It can also involve consciously pursuing what […]

How do you feel when your plans change?

1 Nov

How do you feel when your plans change? Yesterday, I had a monthly networking meeting that is important to me to attend. I was running late for it, as my son decided to come with me at the last minute, so I had to wait for him to get dressed. So, I was set up […]


9 Sep

One of the great conundrums of overfunctioning is the ability to notice time-management in little things. In the ever-present cultural pull to overfunction–– (aka, “I’ll just do it myself!), here is one little high-functioning efficiency tip. The OBVIOUS ANSWER to the picture is B. No, I am not a Control Freak! Think of me more […]

“Frustrated with NOT having enough TIME?”

27 Aug

“Exhausted from pushing yourself to be PERFECT?” Then, you are going to LOVE my upcoming Online Course: “FROM OVERFUNCTIONING BONDAGE TO HIGH FUNCTIONING FREEDOM!” The definitions for the Overfunctioning Woman and High-Functioning Woman are fundamentally different: The High-Functioning Woman is indeed also busy and productive, but she picks and chooses what she will and will […]


24 Jul

OR, VISA VERSA: ARE YOU SEIZING THE DAY OR SAVING IT? The hyper-doing of overfunctioning keeps us in a state of hypervigilience. So, instead of seizing the day, we trip over our own internal programming, all too often, to save the day. It’s a CORE ISSUE for women. Why? We are programmed from an early […]


18 Jul

As exemplified in the flowchart to the right, some people are able to parce problems down to simple solutions with simple YES and NO trajectories. Most of life isn’t that simple. Overfunctioning women, even those who are left-brain-analytical and organized, still find it difficult to drop something off the the To Do List. In my […]


29 Jun

The Overfunctioning Woman and High-Functioning Woman are fundamentally different. The High-Functioning Woman is indeed also busy and productive, but she picks and chooses what she will and will not do. An Overfunctioning Woman, by contrast, must do it all. This is how she proves to herself both her competence and her basic self worth. And, […]

What Drives YOU?

19 Jun

In the families in which we grew up, we learned lessons to act, speak, and feel in certain ways established by Mom and Dad (or other powerful people) and in relation to the other people in the grouping. These messages were communicated visually, audibly, or behaviorally. Comments, gestures, and facial expressions and judgments, punishments, and […]